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Our Mission

To follow Jesus' instructions in Matt. 28:19-20 and to spread the Three angels' Messages of Rev. 14:7-12, The Everlasting Gospel that will prepare a people to be ready when Jesus comes to take them out of this world.

Our beliefs include, but are not limited to: the veracity and authority of the Holy Bible (2 Tim 3:16) and in all the gifts of the Spirit (1 Cor 12:7-11) (including the gift of prophecy).
We believe the 10 commandments (Ex 20:3-17) are still binding (including the 4
th commandment) and that by God's indwelling Spirit they can be kept (Heb 8:10). We further believe that God has called His people to warn the world of a coming destruction (Mt 24:14) and of the refuge that can only be found in Christ (Ac 16:31). We believe God is calling all to unite in giving His last warning message to the world (Rev 14:6-10). This mission calls for a whole-hearted surrender (Rom 12:1) to Christ in all aspects of life, manifesting itself in good stewardship of all spiritual, physical, mental, and social talents.

Our Church
is located on the edge of the small village of Croton, Ohio. The address is: 10843 Foundation Rd., Croton, OH  43013

Our Meeting Schedule is:

Sabbath School: 10 AM We are currently studying from the Testimonies, vol. 2 — if you have a copy of 2T, please bring it as our supply is limited, you are also welcome to bring a copy of E.G. White Writings, or just 2T, on your netbook, tablet, “smart” phone or iPod® (please set your phone to airplane mode or silent mode, thank you).

Church service begins: 11:45 AM and usually ends 1:30 PM

Vegan Meal follows the church service.

Afternoon Meeting: If we have a speaker, then the afternoon meeting begins at 3PM.


From Columbus:

Take I-71 North to the Sunbury exit, State Route 37 East through the town of Sunbury. From US-36 E/OH-3, Go about 4.28 miles, Turn right onto N. County Road 605/OH-605, go 0.85 miles. Turn left onto Hartford Rd/County Hwy-44. Continue to follow County Hwy-44. Then travel about 1.91 miles. Turn slight right onto Foundation Rd/County Hwy-2. Foundation Rd is just past N County Line Rd. Go 2 miles, Turn right onto Clover Valley Rd/County Hwy-2/County Hwy-26. Drive about 0.38 miles, Take the 1st left onto Foundation Rd/County Hwy-2. Then go about 0.95 miles, 10843 FOUNDATION RD is on the right.

From the East:

Take I-70 West and exit on SR 37 North to Granville. From Granville go north on S. Main St/OH-661 toward W. Broadway. Continue to follow OH-661 approximately 6 miles. Turn left onto Sportsman Club Rd/County Hwy-16. Drive about 2.8 miles. Turn right onto Loudon St. Then 3 miles Loudon St becomes Appleton Rd. Go 4.3 miles. Turn right onto Crouse Willison Rd/County Hwy-13. Go about half mile. Turn left onto Bennington Chapel Rd/County Hwy-2, drive about 1.5 miles. Turn left onto N Main St/County Hwy-2. There's a Diner is on the corner. Take the 1st right onto S. Park St/County Hwy-2. Continue to follow County Hwy-2/Foundation Road about 0.5 miles. 10843 Foundation RD is on the left.

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