Mason Waffles
By David Mason

Place the following in the blender: (You can soak over night and not blend them...)
3 cups water (After they are blended or soaked add enough water to make soupy)
2-3 cups oats
3 tbs soy milk powder or however much to make waffles brown. You can even substitute cashews if you like
½ cup corn meal -- you can substitute rice, millet or soy four
(Optional 2 tbs honey or raw cane crystals)
(Optional ½ cup of ground sunflower seeds)
-¼ cup coconut or olive oil (or any oil)
½ tsp salt
Blend. If it’s too thick add water. If it’s too thin add oats.
Let soak about ½ hour and then blend with more liquid to make lighter waffles. Bake about 8-10 minutes in waffle iron.
Mix a larger batch in a bowl and use without blending if you like.
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