If you are following the GC Sabbath-School lessons for this quarter (4th quarter 2017), which is based on the book-of-Romans, written by the apostle Paul, you may want to have a look at Jeff Wehr’s study helps. He makes his helps available here. Romans Study Helps in PDF; or for your handheld, Romans Study Helps in ePub format.
On PC: to download, right-click and select “Save Link As”. To download on the Mac, option-click (hold down the “option” key and click the above link).

This is the schedule for speakers and other events.

Use the left and right arrows to navigate the months. The Left arrow will let you go back one month, while the Right arrow will advance you one month. Click on a name in the calendar to see more details of the scheduled speaker or event. Click the ‘Today’ button at any time to return to today’s date.